Founded in 1997, Sanosa Gestion is an independent wealth management and investment consulting firm for high net-worth individuals. We work on mandate and solely in the interests of our clients.

Sanosa Gestion's mission is to offers advisory services regarding all financial, wealth management and estate planning issues.

This mission goes beyond the simple investment management. It integrates other key elements of asset management in a global and long-term perspective so that your portfolio is successfully transferred to the next generation.

With Sanosa Gestion the management of your assets will be carried out by professionals with extensive financial market experience and aptitude. Together we define your investment policy based on your needs, risk aversion and return expectations.

Your portfolio manager is discrete and completely accessible to offer you personalized solutions relative to your requirements.

Confidentiality, discretion and stability are our fundamental principles of business.


Being completely independent, Sanosa Gestion is not obligated to invest in any specific lineage of financial assets nor bound by any commercial considerations other than the best interests of its clients. As a result we choose tailor-made investments which are adapted for each of our clients.

Sanosa Gestion determines the investment policy independently and works in hand with, but without obligation to, carefully selected and credible institutions. The only interests we defend are those of our clients.

Sanosa Gestion is a member of the OAR-G. This organization auto-regulates portfolio managers operating in Switzerland. As members we have adopted their Code of Conduct which embodies standards of professional ethical conduct that ensure the quality of the management and the irreproachable activity of the manager. In addition we adhere to their strict application of the Loi sur le Blanchiment de l'Argent (LBA).